The Era of Cyber WareFare

What is cyber warfare and should South Africa be worried? Kaspersky Lab's Cyber Security Conference 2012: IT Security in the Age of Cyber Warfare, held in Mexico, was brought about as a result of "the new paradigm of evolving cyber threats, the measures required to control cyber weapons, and the future of the IT security industry as a whole". According to Sergey Novikov, head of Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis Team: "The recent spate of targeted attacks on major corporations and state organisations all over the world, the use of malicious programs as weapons for waging cyber war and...

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Management mind-set can put it security at risk

The mindset of management can be the biggest obstacle to a secure IT environment and a strong security and risk management posture. So says Marthinus Engelbrecht from NEWORDER Industries, a local technology company that provides specialised enterprise risk management, IT security, virtualisation and storage solutions and services to companies in Africa. The impact of security and confidentiality breaches can be devastating for an organisation. And, it's not just the finances at stake. Aside from the costs associated with resolving a security incident, especially if it leads to litigation, and the financial burden of fraud, other factors can severely damage an...

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