NEWORDER INDUSTRIES responds to the growing mobile malware threat by offering affordable app testing

NEWORDER INDUSTRIES has partnered with industry-leading technology vendor, Codified Security, to offer developers a low-cost option to ensure their mobile applications are secure prior to release.

Unfortunately, most people aren't thinking about security and data privacy when using their mobile phone applications. Whether they are making online purchases, playing online games while commuting, using their corporate mobile app, or their favourite mobile applications, security is rarely front of mind. Why should it be? After all, the app is from a reputable company, and it was downloaded it from a respected app store, or directly from their employer. What could possibly go wrong? The regrettable, but true answer is, "A lot".

Due to an ever-increasing use of mobile applications in today's mobile world, more mobile applications are developed and released in the market, making the attack surface for the criminal environment to steal personal, enterprise and consumer information so much bigger – and there are currently billions of mobile devices connecting to the Internet daily either to send information or to receive updates.

Weaknesses within mobile applications and mobile operating systems are made public on weekly basis, which raises the concern – were these mobile applications not tested properly before they were released to the market?

The answer might surprise most users, as it often comes down to cost being a factor. During the application development phase, cost to spend on mobile applications security testing is limited or simply unavailable. A recent industry survey revealed that most companies only test half of their mobile applications for security flaws before release to market and 33% never test their applications before release to market. This disparity could potentially expose users to sophisticated cyberattacks, which could enable hackers to gain access to the vaults of corporate and personal data living on mobile devices.

Codified Security is built to work with developers and the tools of agile mobile app development. Our integrations bring mobile app security testing into the development process to provide, with continuous, iterative security.

Companies that use Codified Security mitigate the risk of releasing vulnerable apps that are the cause of hacking, data breaches, malicious code and other security issues.

The platform integrates testing directly into the development process, and provides continuous security throughout the application lifecycle on native iOS, native Android and Xamarin mobile apps.

"Today, it is a requirement for application developers to test the security of their applications before they are released," says Marthinus Engelbrecht, CEO of NEWORDER INDUSTRIES. "And since mobile attack methods are complex, manual vulnerability testing can end up being very expensive. Which is why we are offering the market this affordable, yet intelligent, mobile testing solution."

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Published Date: November 2016

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